Adventure for Life

Well the answer could vary. But after many years of riding we roughly know what is important and what can be left at home.

These days we’re finishing preparation for Big Adventure, which means checking what we already have and what we eventually will need. We need to split all items to 3 aluminium hard cases and 3 waterproof bags, these sit on top of hard cases. As you can see on pictures, it won’t be easy job, especially if you need to consider packing of camping stuff as tent, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. These items are biggest worries, because they need a lot of space. Initial idea is to use left hard case for camping equipment plus fit tent and sleeping bags on top of top case into waterproof bag. Then use right hard case for camping accessories as stove, plate, cutlery and a bit of food.

Actually for stuff as clothes, spare gloves, camera equipment and necessary tools we only have got 2 waterproof bags on top of side cases and top case. Will we fit it all in? Let’s see on Saturday how we are doing 🙂

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