Adventure for Life

Last days in Sicily we wanted to see as much as possible but also have time to chill out. We camped in San Vito Lo Capo a few minutes walk from the town and beach. Another beautiful Sicilian coast and town where we recommend to spend couple days at least. Here we had brilliant seafood dinner along the long conversation with couple from America and Germany. They shared their memories from living in Catania with us along with our Adventure memories.
The town of Marble, Custonaci and its area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. On the day we visited Custonaci there was a food festival. Four stalls, 2 with meat and vegetables and 2 with sweet delicates. Here we tried homemade sicilian sweet pasty.
The Mangiapane Cave is one of many which you can visit. This was a trip to the settlement with small houses from around years of 1800.
The town Erice, situated in 750meters above sea level on the Mount Erice, is a historicaly unique town with 360 degrees view around. You can see Trapani, seacoast with other mountains nearby.
We also visited Trapani as the final destination of this big adventure. The town is good for a walk, have an evening coffee as italians do after dinner. We tried cappuccino and cafe freddo only once because of its strenght.
If you are visiting Trapani you should go and visit Natural Reservation of World Wide Fund – Saline Trapani and museum of sea salt. Salt Flats are one of many places we visited and will stay in our memories. You can touch or buy unwashed and unmodified sea salt for cooking or just as souvenir or watch birds who are migrating to Africa.

Here we sadly must say that Adventure for Life 2016 has finished and we are on the way back home.

We would like to THANK YOU ALL who supported us mentally, donated money to Samaria and whished us pleasant journey (which really could not be better).

Since we started we raised 141,69 Euro through PayPal. The donation channels are going to be open until 31st December 2016, so you can still donate and the amount will be updated on website also from donations to bank account.

We already have a plan for next year Adventure 2017 in our minds. It will be different, but still on two wheels journey.

So be patient and check website from time to time for more updates!

Supporting us

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