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As mentioned before, we had great view on Sicilia from distance. On day 80 we boarded ferry from Villa San Giovanni. This journey took only 30 minutes. Such close we have already been! When we reached Messina, one of Sicilian ports, we understood that this is too crowded with a lot of traffic and so we decided to travel down to south. From the road we saw Etna and the smoke coming from the crater. That moment we did not not know how many other craters are on this highest mountain. But we realised another day and made a trip closer. We stayed in a campsite with perfect view from the hilltop to its private beach reacheable by lift. This seacoast, because of Etna being so close (maximum one hour drive) is covered in dark lava stones. You just need to find the one which shape your body can addapt to. Trip to mount Etna was full of surprises. After experiencing Vesuvio, we expected something very similar, but this was completely different in size and colour. On your own you can get to height of 1986 meters above the sea level and cable cabin can take you to the height of 2500 meters. Craters in these heigh are not active (last activity in 2002/2003). The last lava erruption was in December 2015 but from different craters. The main vulcano is reachable only by jeep and one hour walk with a guide who will take you directly to the top 3350 meters to walk around the crater.
The day we came to Syracuse was another one full of surprises. For the first time we saw World Championship in Water Canoe Polo. Great britain team was one we could watch and we can say, they were pretty goal oriented and strong. Thank you guys for such great experience! Anyway the Syracuse is incredible town, its historic centre many shops and wonderful ice cream in brioche was one of Sicilian specialities which is one of many to find a place on your plate along to cactus fruits, fresh oranges and lemons.

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