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Moving south we continued in searching for ancient sites. We were succesful finding spectacular archeological site in Paestum. Paestum was founded by Greeks (known as Poseidonia) in 6th century BC who built three Doric tepmles dedicated to three Gods: Hera, Neptune and Athena. Temples are in very good condition when considering their age. The first two are standing close to each other. The third one on the other side of the museum. Apart from temples you could see ruins of Amphitheater and other public buildings and houses. On the way further we saw the statue of Christ the Redeemer on the top of the hill from the seacoast road.
As we had not enough of history and museums, we moved to the east coast of Calabria to visit Parco Scolacium. There we walked in huge olive orchard planted not even a meter on the grounds of the city with a Norman church, archeological museum, Roman Forum, theatre, amphitheater. And the view from the orchard to the rest of the world around was great treat in hot midday.
Apart from history we also had amazing culinary experiences. It was unforgettable pizza from Naples region, pizza Vulcano. Absolutely different taste of pizza base with real locally produced buffalo mozzarella in the middle (not like the one you can buy in supermarkets). We bought also one from local producer because this part of Italy, province of Salerno is famous for Buffalo Mozzarella. Another mouthwatering lunch was pasta with fresh prawns and mussels and incredible smoked ricotta cheese.

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