Adventure for Life

We detour from coast to the mountains again towards Parma. First stop was in town Borgo Val di Taro, which we didn’t know is famous for its Mushroom production in Parma county. We stayed overnight and next morning moved through mountain passes and few unpaved roads to closest campsite near Parma: Schia campsite. We enjoyed here very good local food (Prosciutto with yellow melon, pizza and lovely handmade tiramisu and panna cotta) and very friendly owners with staff. From here we wemt for a whole day of Parma interesting points tour. We started in Parma city to feel the ancient atmosphere, then moved to Pasta and Tomato museum as first. Did you know that in Italy is more than 300 varieties of pasta? And what about the fact that first tomatoes came to Europe from America? You will find all informations about tomatoes, inventors of food cans, production of pasta and famous Barilla pasta brand in these museums.
Then we carry on to the Salami museum of Felino and as a last Prosciutto museum in Langhirano. It was very interesting to see history, process of making and finally the product with typical smell.
Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit Parmigiano Reggiano – Parmesan cheese museum. Next time …

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