Adventure for Life

Those days we reached French Cote d’ Azur shore. We started in Saint Tropez where we visited famous building Gendarmerie Nationale, known from movies with legendary Louis De Funes as a Gendarme Ludovic Cruchot. This building was in use of Gendarmerie until 2003, after when it became a museum. Such a good memories for this kind of movie era. Then we wandered around town, see small, big and bigger yachts. After 2 hours spent here we moved through Cannes to Antibes where we stayed overnight in the worst campsite so far without sleep (group of french guys were noisy until 5am, we woke up at 7am). From there we contiued on East coast towards Monaco-Monte Carlo to see town F1 circuit, Casino and luxury on every corner. We didn’t buy anything there, it was too expensive. As the second part of the day we crossed borders to Italy again, where we stay until we reach Sicily.

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