Adventure for Life

After enterering the Italy, South Tyrol, we followed our sat nav on the West with avoidances for motorways. It’s always big adventure, because you never know which ways it takes you. This time we aimed to Liechtenstein. To get there we had to cross through Austria. After that we followed signs for Switzerland and there went through famous Albula pass (and many more). Switzerland is beautiful country, but really, really expensive to stay there. So we continued from there to South to Italy again. Visited the lake Reschen with the church tower in the water, the only evidence of flooded village Graun. It’s worth to visit also these mountain passes as motorbike interest points: Reschen Pass, Arlberg Pass, Pluga Pass, Maloja Pass.
If you have a time, it is always worth to try to avoid busy roads and see something different. Sometimes it takes ages to get over mountain passes than you think, especially if it is downpour for couple hours. We had 2 days of rainy weather which caused that we had to change our routes a little, but on the other hand we explored new interesting places which we would normally miss. My (Mark) waterproof Gore-tex Sidi adventure boots fail. Left boot get soaked after couple weeks of riding, which I believe get sort it under warranty after trip (not cheap £250). On the way we saw apple and apricot orchards full of fresh fruit ready to be harvested.
Now we spend 2 days near Lago di Viverone to have a rest, wash our clothes and do some exploring of close surrounding of course.

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