Adventure for Life

Heading towards the west along the coast on the North of France we came to Belgium. First stopping at Oostende, seaside town with a WWII history and best preserved museum of Atlantic Wall. Project built by Hitler’s order to defend coast from Allies landing. It consisted of 15 000 bunkers along 5000 km from Norway to Spanish Pyrenees. From there we moved along the coast with a strong side winds and few showers to Netherlands where we searched for bunkers. We stayed for night camping in Vlissingen near Middelburg. There we found 5 bunkers close to the river. We looked inside them but there was nothing more then bunkers reminding the horrors of the war. The following morning we rode west to the coast of Zeeland through Westkapelle, Domburg to the north crossing Zeelandbrug, the longest bridge in Netherland with a lenght of 5km and few more dams. After long ride we stopped in Breda for lunch. Breda is a birthtown of Vincent van Gogh. That evening we camped near Venlo. We met Dutch couple who were on their long walk for three days with a rucksacks and small tent. We wished them all the best and in the morning moved to another adventure.

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