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ADVENTURE FOR LIFE is a website aimed to track our adventure travels since we are together. Every year we went for traditional summer holidays by the sea in Croatia or Italy with family. We enjoyed it and we still do, but we missed real ADVENTURE in our veins.

The major change happened when we moved to England in 2013 as a part of Big Adventure challenge. We started doing small weekend trips around the place where we lived and it soon became our routine of recharging own batteries. Although, over last 4 years we travelled most of the southern England and now we are still on the hunt for new places to visit (UK TRIPS page), we never forgot about warm Mediterranean sea and history around.

Last year we finished SCOTLAND to SICILY 2016 project which we were only dreaming about in the past. On our new touring motorbike Honda Transalp XL650 we did our first big adventure from the top of Scotland to the end of Sicily through Europe in 90 days. This great experience left many memories which are still coming daily to our thoughts in colourful pictures.

This year we decided to explore Slovakia, our homeland in another project SLOVAKIA on VESPA 2017. For the first time we will travel on our little scooter Vespa LX50 (called Snowball). We will ride the Slovakia from the West to East, North and South.

Our adventures are more likely to be not only about getting to the point but also about enjoying the travels and all challenges brought to us.

As we do like to explore new places, most of the parts of Slovakia will be quite new for us, mainly because of linking places of interest with Slovakian traditional and modern cuisine. We will also point on historic places and nature reserve places.


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